04 January 2012

I Brittany Lea am not a cook nor baker nor really anyone who should be in the kitchen! Or so I thought! Due to a little obsession I have developed with Pinterest. I now think I can do almost anything in the kitchen (not really but I’m much more apt to try now!). Over my Christmas break I decided to try out some of the easier recipes I had found. The first one being Pecan puffs! These are not from Pinterest but from Sara Richardson (recipe found here). I was watching one of her holiday specials and she made these delicious looking cookies! They seemed easy enough so I looked up the recipe online and bam I made these! Don’t they look delish!? They are much like shortbread and little did I know I don’t care for shortbread nor did I care for my cookies! Sad I know but the texture was just completely throwing me off! Everyone else said they were delicious so SUCCESS!  I Brittany Lea am not a complete failure in the kitchen!

With my success, I had more confidence I might be a natural in the kitchen! (Not the case but again not a failure!) I decided okay I could bake now so lets see if I can cook! I found what looked to be a delightful pasta on Pinterest called Two Timin’ Pasta Bake.  Mix two pasta sauces, cook pasta, add cheese, throw in oven (okay a little more than that but not really) and BAM super yummy pasta! Look how good it looks!

See I’m just a whiz in the kitchen! But here is my cherry on top! I made homemade peppermint patties! Good old Pinterest never lets me down! These were uber easy to make and so tasty! My friend Mike had 3 in like a minute! He loved life at our potluck when I whipped these babies out! Now I’m a candy maker too! I know you’re drooling over your keyboard right now.

The only downside to this is that I now cannot tell people I can’t cook or bake; I’m the one that cleans up because clearly this is not the case anymore. Pinterest my mother thanks you for this cooking and baking revelation I had!

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