23 January 2012

Happy Monday everyone! I’m so sorry I only posted once last week but I only made the muffins I already done and honestly I was really busy last week and I just didn’t get the chance! I had an excellent weekend away with my cousin Amy! We shopped, had a lovely dinner and went to a good concert! I was lucky enough to also get to see my friends Danielle and Tiana on Saturday for brunch J Always makes me happy to see them! Bonus got an amazing scarf from Danielle, which she knit herself and she is pretty awesome!  I will post a picture in my next blog since I don’t have a picture right now and I’m not looking good enough at the moment to just throw one out there!

Since I haven’t posted in almost a week yesterday I decided I should probably cook and bake something so we have a good post for today! I also wanted to use my new apron that I got for Christmas that I hadn’t broken out yet J it is super cute! Cherries and ruffles what could be un-cute about that? Anyways, so I went through Pinterest and got my recipes! Once I threw on my music and apron I was ready to take on my most challenging baking recipe to date! Triple Chocolate pound cake! I had thought about making it a few times but always backed out because I just didn’t know if I was ready for such a challenge but I looked over the recipe again and decided it really wasn’t as hard as I was making it out to be it just seems like something I wasn’t ready for. Let me tell you again I only like recipes that look simple! This recipe did not disappoint! Easy and simple! Only thing that was kind of a pain was how long it took to bake! 70-75 minutes! That is long time since most of my baking so far has taken tops of 17 minutes! There is an icing for this cake but I didn’t think it was going to need it and we had strawberries for it! So I cannot comment on the ease of making the icing but looked easy so I would say if you can make the cake you can probably easily make the icing! And after 74 minutes this is what I got!! Okay not really this was after it cooled and I took it from the pan! Pretty darn yummy looking is it not? I can tell you it tasted amazing! Yummy in your belly!

For dinner I was less than prepared to make something amazing so I decided on a casserole in hopes it would be great! I was thinking crock-pot chicken or pork but then didn’t have the time for that so pizza casserole was going to be on deck for Sunday’s dinner. I feel like I use the word easy too much in my blog but honestly this was another easy recipe! Your prep is cooking the pasta (which egg noodles was called for but I used penne and really enjoyed that change), browning your ground beef and getting out the casserole dish. You layer your sauce, noodles, beef and cheese and then for your top layer you cover it with sliced pepperoni and I added another layer of cheese because I only had one layer of everything since my casserole dish wasn’t very deep. Also the top layer of a pizza is suppose to be cheese! So, did my prep work and popped that baby in the oven for 35 minutes and this is what I got! So yummy and totally tasted like pizza!

All in all we had a wonderful Sunday dinner! Tonight, I’m off to the movies with Erica (sister) and my momma to see the Iron Lady because we love Meryl! Kids pack of popcorn here I come J

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