03 January 2012

"Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own." Carol Burnett

Well hello blogger world! I’m back and hopefully for more then two posts! I know I have started many blogs and many blogs have died but I’m hoping to keep this one up. I love writing so I should be keeping a blog if not for people to read but for me just to write and vent and whatever! Now, saying that I will be posting whatever I want on this blog, I won’t be having a set theme. So what to expect from this blog is crafts, opinions, maybe tutorials (if I remember to take photos as I go), pictures, and really just about anything.

I think I’m going to just wrap up right now because I know I’m probably the only one reading this and probably will be for the first little bit but I’m okay with that. But if someone is reading this thank you!


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