Happy February! WHAT??? FEBRUARY??

01 February 2017

It is February!! When the heck did that happen!? It honestly feels like Christmas was just over but also like it was over months ago! It is true the older you get the more quickly time passes! I know it doesn't actually pass quicker but man it really seems like it does. But lets all get over the shock of it being a new month and move on shall we?

I made myself a goal of reading more this year and so far so good. I made the same goal for myself last year and during the summer I did do better so hopefully since I have been doing better so far this time I will just continue. Now, that being said I'm having a VERY hard time getting through Talking As Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. I love her but this book is so all over the place I don't know what to do with it! The last section I read was about weight loss celebrity secrets, yes it was kind of funny but I have no idea why it was there and why it was where it was in the book. I have been trying to read this book since Boxing Day so well over a month now and I'm not even half way through. I read Summer at Tiffany's by Karen Swan in like a week as a break from trying to get through this book. And being totally honest I'm probably going to start another book soon which will give me another break! I don't want to give up on the book so I will finish it by the end of 2017!

On Monday evening I went to see La La Land finally and I enjoyed it muchly! Now, saying that I think it might have been overhyped a bit. I love musicals we all know that as I type this I'm listening to Hamilton (shocker I know) and when you're reading this I'm probably listening to Hamilton or La La Land because yes I did get the soundtrack on Apple Music but maybe a tad overhyped. There is actually no one in my life who I would recommend this too and I mean in my real life like close friends and family. I went to see it with my sister and she is the only one I would have said to see it but yeah she already did. If you like musicals do see it, it is nice love story and Ryan & Emma are great together so yes, I recommend seeing it but not to everyone. There was actually two people who left once the opening number was done. I'm assuming they didn't know it was a musical and musicals aren't there thing. This blog is really starting to be a downer, I can't get through this book and now I'm like yes it was a good movie but overhyped a bit. Maybe we should move on to something else.

I'm excited to go away to Halifax for the night on Friday for the Progressive Conservative NS AMG. It looks like it is going to be fun time. I'm not bringing politics into my blog that is for sure but I work part time for our local MLA Pat Dunn so don't worry whatever side you're on we can be friends. I'm hoping to see the debate between the candidates for the federal leader of the party, there is 14 of 15 coming to our AGM so should be a good one. Plus, it will be a nice night away with my momma bear.

What else do I have to tell you? I don't think anything right now so maybe I will wrap it up for now since I don't want to ramble on for too long even though I probably have already. Oh I think I'm going to see Hidden Figures tonight so maybe a movie recommendation for you on Thursday or Friday depending ;)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

And just to add some hotness to your day ;)
I do love me some Ben Affleck


  1. Where's the AGM at? I work til 5 on Friday and 4 on Saturday and I'm still at Queen Street. ;-)

  2. I really liked La La Land. That's a bummer two people left after the beginning. I'm kind of confused how they didn't know it was a musical? But I guess it happens!



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