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27 January 2017
Well it is Friday again! This week passed quite quickly, it was good week. Nothing overly exciting but a good week. Does anyone else find that January and February are normally boring months? I think I feel this way since I'm normally coming down from the holidays and then you don't really want to do anything for awhile since you have been going like crazy person since mid November! haha Anyways, since I feel that way I feel like I have nothing to post about because I haven't been doing much or really even wanted to. Thankfully, I have a couple of posts planned for next week that don't involve me having to actually done something! So hopefully you will look forward to that. Since, I don't have to say today I'm going to link up again for Friday Favorites! Here are some of my favorite things of the week....

YES! How to Get Away with Murder is BACK!! This is one of my favorite shows and if you read my blog you would already know that! Everything is so crazy with the show right now and I love it! Even if the show wasn't as good as it is I have a feeling I would still watch it because of Charlie Weber aka Frank Delfino....he is one good looking man! Google him, I swear you won't be disappointed, I also say that for watching the show. But if you don't like it don't tell me okay ;)

Last night, a local film club Plaid Marquee brought Manchester by the Sea to our local theatre for whatever reason Cineplex decided they didn't want to just show it! It sold out rather quickly so I'm glad we were able to get tickets. I can see why Casey Affleck is getting nominated for the awards! It is great movie, it sad with some great comic relief. I don't want to say much about it for those who might want to see it. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

Michaels coupons! I NEVER buy anything at Michaels full price at Michaels and lately man they have been just sending out so many I love it! In fact I just got one for 55% off a regular priced item! Now, do I need anything nope! But getting some washi tape for 4 bucks isn't something I'm going to pass up! I thought I would use my 40% off coupon on it but 55 sounds much better! haha Yes, I know I have a problem and that this will be my 4th trip to Michaels since last Friday!

Well, short and sweet today folks! I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy Friday loves!

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  1. LOVE Michael's coupons! I've been spending a fortune there since I got my Cricut. (It was supposed to save me money on scrapbooking supplies but I keep finding other projects I want to do!)


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