What's Up Wednesday On Thursday?

23 February 2017
Another month as passed already and it is time for What's Up Wednesday! My bad for being a day late but the day got away on me yesterday so lets just be happy it is coming at all!
What I'm eating this week?
I didn't plan for this week so I don't really have a good menu nothing really exciting, just whatever has been the plan for this week.
What I'm reminiscing about?
This week I was in a group chat with some of my lovely friends who I met because of the Backstreet Boys and I was thinking about all the good times I have had with them and how much I miss them and need to get to Halifax soon to see them!
What I'm Loving?
This is Us and Lion! Two nights in a row and have gone into ugly cry because of this show and movie. The episode on Tuesday of This Is Us is one of the one best most well acted I have ever seen. Sterling K Brown and Ron Cephas Jones are just amazing. I honestly cannot put into words how wonderfully tragic and beautiful that episode was. For last 5-10 minutes I could barely see through my tears. I know I'm hyping it up a lot but it just really struck a cord and I think it has for most fans of shows. Last night I went and saw Lion and cried basically through the whole movie! Knowing it was a true story was just heartbreaking. In all honesty it is hard movie to get out of your mind once you have seen it because it is a real story and things like this will much sadder endings happen every day. If you can see it I would highly recommend it....bring tissues and no need for eye make up.
I'm also loving the weather this last couple of days! Feels like spring!
What I've been up to?
Just regular life, nothing too exciting right now haha
What I'm dreading?
Nothing :)
What I'm working on?
I'm working on planning a trip to Cuba, organizing my packing list for Crop and Create, planning blog post (hopefully they get blogged) and organizing/spring cleaning
What I'm excited about?
My trip to Cuba, it isn't booked yet but I'm hopefully going away again at the end of April with my momma, cousin and two aunts. I can't wait to be back on my favorite beach for a week.
What I'm reading/watching?
I'm still working through Talking As Fast as I Can...I hope to finish it this weekend and then I think I will read the Couple Next Door.
Watching....My regulars This Is Us, Criminal Minds and How to Get Away with Murder. Oh and now The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions! CT IS BACK!!! I love that man.
What I'm listening to?
James Arthur on repeat! One of the best albums I have come across in a long time! Can I Be Him? is one the best songs ever.
What I'm wearing?
Today, jeans and cute black lacey top. Sorry I don't have a picture haha!
What I'm doing this weekend?
I have no idea yet!

What I'm looking forward to next month?
Crop and Create! It is my yearly scrapbooking trip with my sister Erica to Moncton and it is a great weekend! I can't wait to see all the girls and just have a fun weekend with my sister! 
Bonus Question : What is your favorite beauty product?
Mascara! Hands down My favorites are Diorshow and Better Than Sex


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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm loving This Is Us too but it always makes me cry!! I want to see Lion too.


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