Weekend Update on a Friday? AGM Weekend

10 February 2017
I mentioned in my last post that it was a busy week so I tried to blog a few times but it just never happened so I never had the chance to get my weekend update about the NS PC AGM. This is going to a bit of a photo dump but who doesn't love a good picture dump once and awhile!

This past weekend I was able to attend the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party's AGM and I had a great time. The weekend was packed with fun events and just had a great time with the people I was with. On Friday, there was the opening and hospitality suites which were a lot of fun and then on Saturday we went to the luncheon where our interim leader of the federal party Rona Ambrose was the one of the guest speakers. She was one of the main reasons I was looking forward to the weekend. I'm sad she isn't running for the leadership but I'm sure she has reasons for it. She will be the best Prime Minister we never had. After the luncheon we had a CA 'meeting' that term is being very loosely used there. Then we had dinner and got ready for the 'debate' of the candidates running for the federal party leadership. I say 'debate' because it is hard to have a real debate with 14 people. Now, that being said it was a good 'debate' and I'm happy to say I got to see it! I knew some of the candidates who were running but not all of them so now I know! Some I liked and some I didn't but lets not get into that. After the debate we headed home, though if we had of known what fun we were going to have we would have stayed at the hotel for Saturday night too but what can you do. We still had a great time. It was nice to spend the weekend with momma bear taking in something we both enjoyed.

Warning picture dump ahead!

Momma Bear, Peter McKay and Me (wish he was running!)
Myself and Rona Ambrose
Myself and the boss man Pat Dunn

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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