And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to La La Land....

27 February 2017
Oh word what a mess at the Oscars last night for the best picture award. I do think Warren Beatty should have just said I think we have a mistake here but alas in that moment, he didn't think to do that. I was going to do a whole post about Oscar fashions today but I wasn't overly taken with anyone so I don't feel like I have enough to actually do a real post on it. I did think everyone looked great some more then other but I didn't see that one or two dresses that really got me. The men of course all looked great in their suits. Anyone see my favorite Ben Affleck? Oh I love him.

I will talk about one dress and one woman....Viola Davis...I haven't seen Fences yet but I can only imagine the job she did in the movie. I love her, I think she is wonderful and she looked amazing last night. I loved the color of the dress on her! I loved her hair and make up! She is a beauty on the inside and out.

Before the Oscars started Chase, Lindsay and Ashdenne came over for snacks. Chase and Lindsay took over taco dip, peanut butter pie and homemade gummies! Yup, they made the cutest little dino gummies! I made egg roll in a bowl, soft pretzels and fruit dip. Ashdenne just for back from out West so we let it slide she didn't bring anything. I will just say we know how to make snacks! We all ate too much but it was so good, you really didn't want to stop! HAHA

Earlier in the day, Erica and myself decided to run some errands and pick up some groceries. I did some household chores when we got home and got things ready for our company later. It was a pretty chill weekend. I didn't really do anything on Saturday either. It is nice to have a weekend like that since it is busy'ish' week this week.

I hope you all had a great week and are having a good Monday :) Sun is shining here again so I have no complaints!


  1. Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend!

    I love Viola Davis too. I haven't seen the movie Fences either, but last year I saw the stage production and it was awesome...I'm sure she is amazing in the role!

  2. I haven't watched the Oscars in FOREVER, but need to watch my man, JT.

  3. Viola Davis looked stunning! I couldn't believe what happened with the best picture award! What a mess! I felt so bad for everyone.


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