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21 February 2017
Okay, so lets start off with an update from last week....it snowed and it snowed and it snowed and guess what it SNOWED! So, to be perfectly honest I didn't feel like blogging at all because I didn't do really anything expect stay tucked up in bed catching up on my DVR'ed tv! Does anyone watch Criminal Minds? If you do what the heck!? Craziness!

Last Sunday I was in Halifax for a few hours for my cousin's bridal shower. It was lovely. Honestly I'm not sure when I became old enough for her to be old enough to actually get married but there you go, it is happening in June! It was nice to spend the afternoon with some family and meet some of Callee's friends I don't know.

I do really wish I had more to say in this post because one would think in the time off I had in the last week or so I would have had something to say but alas the stuff I would want to talk about right now isn't something I would care to have on my blog because it is really political and close to my heart. Anyone reading this from Nova Scotia can probably guess what I'm referring to. I would love to make a blog post about it but I don't know if I could get out what I want to say in way I wanted to because it makes me upset and gets me quite passionate. So, we are going to leave it at that.

Alright, I'm just going to wrap it up now because this post is going nowhere and I'm just rambling about nothing at this point!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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