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26 January 2017
We all have a few people on social media who we like a bit better then the rest of the folks we follow right? Well I decided to have a bit of a series telling you my favorite people to follow on different social media sites. I'm hoping you find a few more new people to follow or you can tell me yes I love following them too! Anyways, today I'm starting with YouTube because yes I get sucked into the YouTube hole a lot. Go one to watch one video and a hour later you're still watching plan with me videos! But lets not get into that one! Here are three of my favorite YouTubers...

Fleur is a beauty blogger/vlogger from England and I have been watching her videos for a number of years now. I really enjoy her videos because they are doable for your average person, right now she doing a whole month of just drugstore products! She also does the high end but she has a good mix! There are some Youtubers and I'm like okay I will watch you just to see products I will never buy because nope, too expensive even for me who likes to splurge on a product every once and awhile. I also love her vlogs, I love seeing her dogs and husband Mike. They just seem like such a great couple. I think most people who like beauty videos would love watching Fleur.

Claire Marshall
Again, Claire is a beauty vlogger and I LOVE HER! Sometimes when I'm watching Youtubers who are younger then me (most seem to be) I'm like okay I can't do this because they just are not at the same place in life and whatever but Claire could be my bff! She makes real videos and she puts so much effort into her videos, not saying most don't but her videos are beautiful shot and edited. I love when she takes us along on her trips, talks about the hard stuff in life and shows us what she bought at Sephora! Go now and watch her videos!

Alfie Deyes
I won't lie for a long time I didn't watch Alfie (pointlessblog) because he is like 10 years younger then me and really not who I was into watching on YouTube but for the last few months he has quickly become one of my favorites to watch. I love his daily vlogs, he just so happy and positive 99% of the time it is hard to be a good mood after watching him. I have been watching his girlfriend Zoella for longer because she is a beauty gal on YouTube. I enjoy seeing their life together and seeing their dog Nala. If you're just looking for some easy, fun watching I highly suggest checking out Alfie!

And just for a quick list of a few more YouTubers you should check out
Louise Pentland
Joe Sugg
Jim Chapman
Marcus Butler
Fun for Louis


Next week: Instagram!

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