5 on Friday Favorites

13 January 2017
Closer to the start of this week it felt like it was going to be a long week but honestly I can't believe it is already Friday! Also full moon and Friday the 13th! Mind you my favorite number is 13 so I don't normally have the same freak out as some people do.

I haven't done a Five on Friday link up for awhile now so I figured why not today!

1. The weather this morning! I don't know if it is going to get worse as the day goes but this morning the weather was beautiful! It was mild and sunny felt like a spring day! I love it, even if it only lasts for a bit.

2. This is Us is back! Man I love this show! If you're not watching it you really should be. It is so good, the characters are great and the acting is wonderful. I have to say Randall is my favorite, I adore him!
3. Getting things organized again! I love Christmas more than your average person but even I'm happy to have everything back to regular order and now I have been working on organizing things that got pushed to the wayside while I was busy being Christmasy!
4. The Continental Cup for curling is going on with week and I always find this one fun to watch because it is more of a group thing. It is held in Vegas and they are divided into North America and the World. Good fun to watch and nice to see them all having fun with each other.
5. Oh going back to Christmas for a second I love Clearance Christmas deals at Michaels! I have gotten such nice stamps for dirt cheap!
So those are some of my favorite things this week! What are your favorite things with week?


  1. I have been wanting to watch This Is Us, but haven't had the time yet. That will be the next show I binge watch on Hulu!

  2. I love This Is Us! Such a good show.


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