I Challenge You....

28 September 2016
To an Instagram October Photo Challenge!

Pretty easy just snap one picture a day and post it on your Instagram starting on October 1st! Since sometimes it is hard to pick what picture you want to take I'm giving you a list! Lets do this....

1. Selfie                            17. Book
2. Fall Leaves                       18. In My Cup
3. Favorite quote                    19. OOTD
4. Cozy                              20. Something Funny
5. Dinner                            21. Crush
6. Listening to...                   22. Makes you happy
7. Sky                               23. Black & White
8. Family                            24. Decorations
9. Pets                              25. Recipe
10. Thanksgiving                     26. Crisp
11. Shoes                            27. Halloween Candy
12. Something warm                   28. Halloween Pumpkins
13. Nature                           29. Spooky
14. Made you smile                   30. Halloween Throwback
15. Front Porch                      31. Halloween
16. Your view

You can follow me @brittanylea on Instagram to see what I'm posting and fingers crossed keeping up with my own challenge! Leave me your Instagram names so I can follow your challenge too! Best of luck!

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