Crafts = Fall?

07 September 2016
September brings back to school and basically the start of fall even though fall does not really start until closer to the end of September. Also even though I have been out of close for a bit now the school year marks a new year for me. I know a lot of you are the same and I have to say that September/Fall always marks the true beginning of my crafting season.

Now, I will say I do some crafting all year round but honestly you will rarely find me crafting in the summer! The odd rainy day maybe but even then probably not. End of August start of September, I will creep down to my craft area clean and re-organize, maybe even toss some ideas around for Christmas cards. Middle of September press your ear to the door and you might even hear some Christmas tunes playing as I turn those card ideas into actually Christmas cards. There is just something cozy to me about crafting in the fall/winter. Crafting is probably my main hobby and at one point in my life I probably would have said I wasn't crafty and never would be! Who knew a couple forced scrapbooking classes would have changed that? Thanks to Danielle for that, I totally enjoyed it so no complaints from me.

Also, I think for me all the crafting that I do is based on things that are happening in the fall and winter. I do Christmas cards, I make fall wreaths so all of this involves the cozy months. Yes, October through March are my cozy months. Normally, you're not going to get cozy on a humid July night but on wintery December night that is exactly you would find me doing. If you know me you know I don't really like socks but give me a pair of slippers any day in my cozy months! I think crafting in my cozy months come about because I'm inside more I'm not out at the beach or by the pool. Is anyone else like this? Fall comes and you're all about crafting and cooking and baking? Honestly, this is me I get very domestic when fall hits! Please tell me I'm not the only one?

What are your favorite crafts? Have you always been crafty? Let me know.

Happy Wednesday Loves


  1. I like knitting/crocheting in the cooler weather too. It makes more sense for me to do it in the summer when I have more time without school, but it's so hard to make yarn crafts like blankets, scarves, hats, etc. when it's so hot out.

    I's so much more cozy to curl up with a project in the fall and winter. :)

  2. I know what you mean! I'm kinda like that too!

  3. I love crafting, especially in the fall and winter when I can't go outside on the nights/weekends! It keeps me busy! I love counted cross-stitch, and recently started making some different little crafts with fabric!


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