Fall Preview: TV Edition

05 September 2016
With the fall coming, we have the return of out favorite TV shows and new shows to become addicted too! I have been seeing some commercials and I have to say I think there might be some shows this year I'm quite looking forward to. Last year I did not really get into anything new which is kind of sad but I didn't take the time to get into anything new to be honest, I dvr'ed my faves and that was it. This fall television season I hope to keep up something new!

First lets talk about my returning favorites...

Criminal Minds: We all know I have such a love for Criminal Minds and with all the drama surrounding it I'm wondering how that are going to handle everything. With the departure of Derek Morgan and now Aaron Hotchner I'm getting nervous on what will happen with the show and will it survive to live another season after this one and honestly I think they might be the end. On a happier note they have annoced that Paget Brewster will be coming back to show for more than one guest appearance! If you take away Morgan you have to bring back Prentiss! Prentiss and Morgan just exude badass-ness! Anyways, I'm always going to be a fan so bring on another season even if it crushes me with no Morgan or Hotch! (Season 12 starts September 28th on CBS)

How to Get Away with Murder: I love this show! I don't think I have really talked about it on here because I have been basically absent on the blog since this show started. If you're not watching it, you should be! It is full of suspense, scandal and sheer insanity! I have been a fan since the first episode and I cannot wait until the new season starts! I have even gotten my mother hooked. I'm hoping she watches the rest of the second season before the third one starts so I have someone to talk to it about. The storylines of this show are what keeps me coming back for more because they are basically insane but they just pull you in and you have to keep watching! I will sometimes not watch for a few weeks just so I can binge watch and not have to wait for the next week! This is why I wish everything was on Netflix but the whole waiting a year for another season just would be too much for me with this show! (Season 3 starts September 22nd on ABC)

Gilmore Girls: I'm so excited for this revival! I watched this religiously every Tuesday night! Funny fact I could not stand Rory but it was still my favorite show! Yes, I know she was one of the main characters but she just irked me! I have been trying to get into a new series on Netflix but I feel like I'm going to re-watch Gilmore Girls but this revival starts instead! I'm excited to see where the characters are now and what they have been up to since the show ended. I'm also pleased that basically the whole cast is back! It would have been the same if some of them were left out. Were you a Luke and Lorelai fan? Dean, Jess or Logan? Oh gosh yes I'm so excited to watch this! (Revival starts November 25th on Netflix)

This Is Us: I don't know a lot about this show but from the commercials I have seen I want to watch this show when it starts. Also, no I wasn't really a Jess girl so I'm not just wanting to watch this because of Milo Ventimiglia. This show looks your everyday people working through life which I think will make for a good show. Some people are hoping it will replace Parenthood for them which I sadly have not watched yet but again that always seemed like a real life show. High hopes for this one! (Season 1 starts September 20th on NBC)

There you have it the shows I'm looking forward to watch this fall TV season! What shows are you looking forward to? Old or new ones? Let me know!


  1. I am soooo excited for Gilmore Girls!!!! I used to love watching them when they were on tv. Did you know, this town in CT, was what Stars Hollow was based from? And they are having a Gilmore Girls festival in October!!!!!!!

  2. I just finished watching the first two seasons of How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix...loved it! Have you watched Scandal at all? I love Shonda shows. :)

    Gilmore Girls. I can't even explain how excited I am for this. One of my friends and I are planning a binge-watching party complete with piles of junk food in true Gilmore fashion. :)


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