Happy Planner...My New Favorite

03 October 2016
If you know me you know I love planning and having a cute planner. I have gone from the ones they gave you at school to Erin Condren's to Kate Spade to know Happy Planners by MAMBI. I love the Erin Condren planners but when they are between $50-$75 US I'm more into maybe getting a different one. I have paid that much for 3 EC planners before I don't say it isn't worth it, if you plan and actually it, it is totally worth it especially if you love a good planner. Now, saying this the dollar is not so hot right now so paying closer to $100 for a planner just is not going to happen right now. I do love my Kate Spade I got it on sale after Christmas at Chapters but once I found the Happy Planners I really wanted one! 

My sister Erica is a teacher and because she is a wonderful sister I got her the teacher planner before school started. After seeing hers I wanted one even more and I lasted maybe a day before I decided to had to get my own. When buying things from Michael's I always make sure I have a coupon because honestly you can almost always get a 40% off coupon which I love. When purchasing both my sister's and my own planner I used the 40% off coupons which made my planner to be around $30, Erica's was around $40 with the coupon. The teacher planner comes as a kit so it is more expensive.

The Happy Planner are a lot like the EC planners which is why I think I love them so much they have the same things I love in a planner. The quality of the paper is great which is something when it isn't great drives me crazy. It is pretty filled with color, wonderful quotes, enough space to write! I love it! There is a page at the beginning of each month where you can fill in birthdays and important dates. There is also a spot where you can fill out different information like what you're reading, feeling, planning etc but I do believe it is different in each planner. The covers are beautiful, I had a hard time picking out the one I wanted. They also have enough stickers and accessories to sink a ship! I have already gotten two books of stickers and an extra folder for my planner. I at least look at all the stuff for the planners if not pick up something when I'm at Michael's which is too often anyways!

I HIGHLY recommend these planners. The only con I have for this planner is that it can get bulky but since I didn't get mind until almost September I took out the July and August sections which made it is easier. OH and saying that this planner is not coiled so you can easily remove and put back the paper! It is an arch system I do believe. I honestly could go on and on about this planner but I think it would be better if you just went to your local Michael's and checked it out for yourself!

Happy Planning!

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