My Playlist: Top 10 Songs I'm Loving Right Now

19 September 2016
I normally always have music playing! (I'm listening to Hamilton right now as I type this) And if you know me you know my taste varies! I decided to make a list of my top 10 songs for right now. Now, just to let you know this does not mean they are current songs by the latest chart topping artists, they are just what I'm listening to right now. I hope you either know the songs and like them too or find something new you want to listen to!

1. Hamilton The Musical Soundtrack - okay this isn't one song but the whole darn thing is so good you can't just pick one song from the soundtrack! My day isn't complete without some Hamilton in it.
2. Sanctuary - Markus Feehily - Beautiful voice and song. Mark was in the former boyband Westlife and his voice is one of my favorites.
3. Dope - Fifth Harmony - just a fun song, it was basically my summer jam.
4. Move Your Body - Sia - The best dancing/cleaning song.
5. You Can't Make This Up - Blake Shelton - We all know how much I love Blake so that is enough for me and this song is just a good one.
6. Fall In Love Again - Patrick Leham - just a nice song I came across awhile back.
7. Don't Touch My Radio - Jana Kramer - Fun country song!
8. I Don't Dance - Lee Bice - another nice country song
9. If We're Not Back in Love by Monday - Merle Haggard - I love Merle
10. Bitter - Emily West - I love her voice and this is just a good break up song!

As you can tell my music taste is all over the play and really this doesn't totally cover everything! What are you listening to right now?

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  1. Oh, Hamilton... I want to see the show so badly! I think Lin-Manuel Miranda is juuuuuust amazing!


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