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21 September 2016
Yes, I was reaching for something to write about today and I was coming up with not much and then it hit me! SPORTS! I know I do not seem like the sports watching girl but I am with certain sports. No, sorry it does not include football. This summer I jumped on the bandwagon for volleyball but I don't know how much that is going to stick since it is not a widely popular sport over here in Canada. I did really enjoy it though, it is fun, very fast pace sport! 

But onto the sports I actually watch. There is two and they both include ice, Curling and Hockey! Canadian pastimes! I have been a hockey fan all my life, I have been a fan of the Ottawa Senators for years even though the players who got me liking the team have retired or been traded (Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Speeza) I have a soft spot for my Senators and I probably always will. Hockey is something I can have on in the background while I'm doing something else and it can also turn me into a raving lunatic! Yes, I have been known to yell at the tv and to stop myself from swearing too much I make very noises instead. Anyone who has watched an important game with me with know this as true. I also have rivalry with my father who loves the Montreal Canadiens, that is never going to change and it is really just fun I will cheer for anyone but Montreal!

Now curling, I started liking that more in 2008, my parents always liked it and watched it but I was never into it. Well, and maybe I shouldn't admit to this but John Morris and Ben Hebert got me liking curling. At the time they played for Team Kevin Martin. Curling is a WAY more difficult sport to play than most people think, the amount of technique and skill you need to have to make the shots that they do is insane. I think I enjoy curling more now then even hockey. Normally if curling is on I will sit down and actually watch it. This season my team is Kevin Koe because my favorite team last season is no more Team Pat Simmons. I'm still a tad devastated that they parted ways but that is life in the curling world.

Are you into sports? What is your favorite sport to watch?

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  1. I watch a lot of basketball and baseball (but only if it's the Yankees)!!!



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