Emmy Fashions!

24 September 2013
Today is Emmy Fashion Day! I know I should have been more on the money and had this post yesterday but really I wanted to make sure my choices were the right ones (in my opinion anyways). I know not everyone will agree with my choices but I'm going to give you my top 3 best and worst dressed. I could probably make a list longer than that but I think Top 3 is enough :) Enjoy!

Best Dressed

Elisabeth Moss: I love this dress because it is simple but it has that bling factor without being over the top. I love how she kept everything simple from her accessories to her make up. I also wish I could pull off this hair! No idea why I love it so much but I do!

Sofia Vergara: When does this woman look bad? Oh right never! I love this color and shape on her. She know how to dress herself! I love her hair because it is easy and doesn't look overly done. I also love her accessories. Accents the dress perfectly.

Tina Fey: Momma looks good! I love this shape on her and the color is perfect! The girls will look great too. Again, her whole look looks easy, it isn't over done because that is when Tina doesn't look good because she doesn't seem like that kind of woman who needs to her perfect all the time!

Worst Dressed

Lena Dunham: Where to start? I don't think Lena is ever going to make my best dressed list! I swear I have scrapbooking paper with this same print on it! Nothing about this look works for me! Maybe if it was solid or something! Yeah I don't even know what to say for this!

Melissa Leo: WTF??? Those pants! That jacket! Yup, someone didn't look in the mirror before she left the house!

Zooey Deschanel: I don't like this dress. I think it is too closed up for her. She didn't look comfortable to me. She looked great but I really didn't like this dress.

And there you go my fashion report from the 2013 Emmys!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I like Zooey's dress. And Tina Fey is SO FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!

    Whoever styled Lena and Melissa...should find another job.

  2. I agree with everything you posted! Tina Fey did look amazing!


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