Beauty Favorites: Shower Edition! Drugstore Products

18 September 2013
Hey Lovelies! Today I have new fun series for you! Well I hope it is fun anyways! I'm going to be showing you what my favorite products are. This week we are starting out with what I love in the shower from the drugstore! And here they are...

There is my shower caddy with all my favorite shower products! Now, lets talk about them!

  • Finesse Shampoo and Conditioner: Yes I love these because my hair pretty much hates expensive shampoo and conditioner. This probably isn't a bad thing because I can buy $2 stuff and it makes my hair look and feel great!
  • Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo: I have fine/thin hair so I find that product easily builds up on my hair so once a week I use this shampoo to take all that residue off my hair! I love the smell of this too! So clean!
  • Olay Body Wash: I recently picked this body wash up but I LOVE it mainly because it smells amazing! It also leaves me feeling clean and soft. I smelled the other scents and they are nice too! This is on sale at Walmart right now but I'm not sure for how long. It is $2.79 or something like that.
  • Neutrogena Acne control face wash: I use this with the Olay face scrubber. I might get the Mia someday but for right now I'm good with the one I have. I like this face wash because it is great for controlling any break outs I may have and I don't find it drying! 
  • Gillette Venus Razor: It does it job and I like the handle of this razor. Also, I don't have a shaving cream in this photo because lately I have just been using a conditioner I didn't like for my hair!
  • Colgate Optic White Toothpaste: Yup I brush my teeth in the shower! This is just what I have right but I always have Colgate toothpaste 
There you have it my shower favorites! What are some of your favorite products? I'm always looking for new things to try so let me know :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. I'm going to have to keep that Nutrogena shampoo in mind!

  2. Olay body wash is where it's at! What is your opinion on the Olay face tool? I have been thinking about getting one for a while.

  3. I love these posts! I love hearing about new products...and I'm nosy :p

    How are you liking the face scrubber? I want to get one too but am unsure.

    I also brush my teeth in the shower!

  4. I remembered this post from ages ago when I was buying new shampoo yesterday! Is there a certain one of the Finesse lineup that you like best (ie. volume, moisture, regular, etc.)??? I wanted volume but Wally-World was sold out so I got the regular.

    1. Haha awesome! Glad you remembered it! I find they are all the same! So, regular or volume doesn't really matter. If you want more volume, buy some mousse and round brush!


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