This Weekend I.....

30 September 2013
It is after 8pm and I'm just sitting down at the computer to blog! This day was much busier than I thought it was going to be but it was all good stuff so I can't complain! I hope you're all having a great Monday!

Okay, weekend update time! This weekend was pretty laid back! On Friday last minute it was decided to take a drive to Antigonish and have dinner at Boston Pizza! It was a pretty drive because the leaves are starting to change and it was lovely driving down around sunset! Had a great dinner at Boston Pizza! Thai chicken bites are tasty! Also, might have had a nice little twisted rocket drinky! And of course I have no pictures to show you! 

Saturday, spent the day running errands and hitting up Sterlings for some fresh veggies and fruits! The weather was beautiful too so for whatever reasons I love running fun fall errands on such days! Even though it was warm it was fall errands because we got pumpkins for outdoor decorations! In the evening I headed to my cousin Amy's 30th birthday party! It was nice little gathering. She is a month older than me so I get to rub that in! Nice seeing everyone that was there and I got to see the babies of the family! I bet you wish I had a picture to you show how cute the babies were but yup I took my camera and phone but left both in my purse for the whole night! One of these times I will document my weekend!

Sunday was another beautiful day! I got some house work done, put my summer clothes away and just chilled because I didn't really have much to do! How was  your weekend? I hope it was great!

I have some fun ideas coming up over the next month because I have put it out there to some friends about guest blogs and I know these people will give us some great ones. Not sure when it is going to start but I'm hoping soonish :)

See you tomorrow for some Taste of Tuesday!

I will leave with this picture of the sunset tonight!


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