Happy Monday!

09 September 2013
Hey my lovelies! How is everyone's Monday going? I have to say mine is going well no Monday blues yet anyways but it is still early! I do have to say it is hard to have complaints when you wake up to a nice blue sky and the sun shining in your windows! Mind you it was/is chilly this morning! The weather has really changed to fall in the past week. 

As it is Monday I'm suppose to tell you all about my weekend but I have to say I don't think I did enough to even make a post about it! I didn't take any photos and really I mainly lazed around, played with dogs and cleaned! That in a nutshell was my weekend so there you go! 

This week I have a couple of fun posts planned, some good recipes and the regular party day on Friday! But, right now it is time to go and finish my squats for the day and have a shower! Happy Monday everyone!



  1. Sometimes you just need one of those relaxed, laid-back weekends! Glad you're having a great Monday!!

    1. That is so true sometimes you just need a boring lazy weekend!


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