What Inspires Your Blog Posts?

24 July 2013

Hello My Lovelies!

I was reading through Helene’s blog the other day and saw that she was having a one-day link up about what inspires your blog. When I saw this I thought well I think I will do this next week! Then, came the hard part, writing this post! One would think it would basically write itself since it is suppose to be what inspires your blog! But alas it did not write itself so I’m sitting here trying to figure out what I want to say and how I want to say it.  I think I’m having a harder time writing this because I always just want my blog to fun, so my stuff is fluffier often, which is okay with me. When I need to get serious or more emotional I do it, like with my breakdown last week about Talia and Cory. I think you’re blog should be whatever you want it to be. No one should tell you how your blog should be. If you’re happy with it then that is all that matters!

Okay, hmmm….I think what inspires me most for my blog is just that I like writing and having fun. I like knowing that I can go back and relive a moment because I blogged about it! Pictures are posted and moments are written down. It is there forever to remember. If you forget that detail about that one weekend you know you can call up your Weekend Updates and know yes that is what really happened that weekend that is why we laughed so hard. I get different inspirations from everywhere and everyday!  I think of myself as a rather creative person with a creative mind. I try to draw my inspirations from as many different places as I can. There are different bloggers who inspire me to be a better blogger! PinkLouLou is who bought me back into blogging. I had many failed blogs before this one and for whatever reason this one has stuck. I started reading PinkLouLou and decided to get back in the game. It is bloggers like her who juggle work, personal life and blogging, that inspire me to keep blogging.  I always had the problem that when I got busy the first thing to go was the blog because who is reading it anyways! Now, though not a big following I know someone is reading it, which makes me feel good and keeps me going.  There are of course the regular inspirations such as music, books, movies, other blogs, random Hollywood news and such but it is nice getting random inspiration. I once wrote a blog about different scrapbooking pages I have seen.

I think I have turned this post into something more than I thought it was going to be! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got some inspiration out of it. Remember you can find inspiration everywhere, in the smallest idea/thought/action you can often find the most wonderful things.



  1. Totally agree- when I sat down to write the post I got kind of stuck! There are just so many things that inspire me but I love that I document my life.

    1. Yes I think I got stuck because there is so much inspiration around! :)


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