#backthatazzup Friday!

26 July 2013

Hey everyone! Sorry I missed posting yesterday but I just ended up not having the time to post and I didn't get to watch Rivals until today. I have to say it wasn't all that exciting but still there some drama!

Knight decided to be a jerk! This is shocking I know! *sarcasm* He made a rude comment then almost got into a fight with Marlon. But really I have to say this wasn't the biggest drama of the night. Trishelle decided to start running her mouth about Arissa and when Arissa confronted her about it she couldn't even string a sentence together! Trishelle, if you can't make a point and back yourself up don't run your mouth! Of course in the end Trishelle ended up looking like the idiot she is. In the morning knowing she was wrong and looking stupid she packed her bags and left. Sadly, since Trishelle quit and didn't have something to leave for Sarah also had to leave. I felt bad for Sarah because this is the second time she had to leave because of a crappy teammate. 

This week the challenge was more tame than last week. They had to climb a rope ladder, slide across ropes to the other side to get to a platform so they could ring a bell. If you will remember Preston and Wes would not to the challenge last week so they were given a penalty of 30 seconds onto their final time. Thankfully this did not affect CT and Wes but Knight and Preston actually ended up DQ'ing. Since they were the only team to DQ they went straight to the jungle. Johnny and Frank ended up winning for the guys and Emily and Paula took it again for the girls. That is three in a row for them! If I was going these I would want Emily has my teammate because she is a beast! The girls voted for Robb and Derek to also go into the jungle. They were not all that happy about it but what can you do really. 

At the jungle, they found out they were going to be in a circle, blindfolded, trying to break a stick over each other. Robb and Preston went against each other first and Robb broke his stick over Preston. Then Derek and Knight went at it and Knight ended up taking it so that means tie breaker. Robb and Knight faced-off and Knight got Robb first. Robb and Derek were sent packing. I kind of wished Preston and Knight had of been kicked off but really I didn't care because I don't like either team all that much. I'm just happy CT and Wes are safely still in the game.

And what else do we have to do today!? Oh right #backthatazzup Friday!!

This week I'm bring you some Boyz II Men! 

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

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