This Weekend I....My Weekend Shenanigans!

22 July 2013

It is Monday again! The days are flying by of course because it is summer and the weather has been pretty awesome! Yes, it is has been a little on the too hot side but I would rather be talking about the heat in the summer then it not being hot enough! Can't win anyways because when it is cold we complain and when it is hot we complain! haha

Anyways, I'm starting this post with Thursday because I went and had lunch with my lovely cousin Amy and her little guy Cameron! I hadn't seen in them in far too long so it was nice to sit and catch up with her. Cameron was pretty good too and didn't make too much of a fuss until momma was done her lunch and really that is all you can ask for in an almost 8 month old! Also, I was puppy sitting for Belle on Thursday! What a stinkin little cutie she is! Makes me miss having a puppy! Well kinda it is too much like having a baby for the first little bit haha!

On Friday, I also went to lunch with my friends Danielle and Laura. Laura is living out west right and just home visiting so had to get a lunch in and Danielle's birthday had just past so it was a celebration lunch! We went to Hebel's for lunch and it was lovely as always! I had tomato and basil soup with feta and holy it was amazing!! After lunch we went to see one of my favorite little munchkins Quinn! Then we headed to the mall because Laura needed to pick up a couple of shirts. It was a lovely day with some of my favorite girls. For dinner Erica and myself just picked up some chinese food since we were both tired and didn't feel like cooking anything.

Saturday was a pool day because it was super hot but luckily there was a breeze! So, I spent my day in the pool! We also took the dogs for ice cream! haha There is a doggie delight option and I have to say our dogs loved it! They even top it off with a milk bone! Sorry I forgot to get a picture of that! And you could hardly see what was going on because the boys were just head down and eating away! I did remember to get one of Jagger when we had to fix his hair because it was failing in his eyes when he wouldn't stay out the pool! And I'm just gonna throw Sunday in here too because it was another pool day for me! Had a nice dinner with the family and headed down to Mary's because I'm puppy sitting until Tuesday! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday and remember to smile :) Makes you prettier! xo


  1. Pool days are my FAVORITE. Seriously, you can't be stressed while at the pool. It's a rule.


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