Rivals 2 Recap!

18 July 2013
Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who messaged, commented, tweeted etc yesterday. It made me feel better that I wasn't the only one feeling upset by the news of Talia and Cory. Today, I wanted to really switch things up so we are going to have a little review/recap of MTV's show the Challenge: Rivals II

We all know I love me some bad reality TV and I feel like the Real World is the original so when they started doing challenges of course I loved them and we are now into many of them! Rivals II started last week and I have to say I was amped because CT is on the show but his teammate is Wes who I cannot stand but I guess I will have to get over because I want CT on the show as long as possible. Last week ended up being a guy's elimination and Tyrie and Dunbar got the boot. Dunbar was a totally baby about it since it was his fault but he blamed Tyrie.

But lets move on to this week. Frank started a fight with CT and I think he thought if they actually fought he could beat CT. Come on I think Zack is the only one in the house who would have a chance to beat CT. When Knight broke up the fight Frank went a little crazy then went and cried to Johnny! Dude crying on Rivals is for the dramatic little girls! Which leads me to Anastasia, what a silly little girl she is! She hooks up with CT and then must think well he is mine for the season. First off stupid, Diem is there and she just had another bout with cancer so CT is her guy. Did Anastasia not watch the season they met on? Like come on you're not competition for Diem! Plus, CT is just doing it because he knows you're an easy mark. She ends up figuring it out that CT isn't really interested in her and then she proceeds to yell and slap CT making herself look crazy! Good job hun!

When we get to the challenge Cooke is waiting to be introduced to her new teammate because her old oneb Naomi had a family emergency at home. Since Cooke is new I was wondering who else she could have beef with since this is Rivals but turns out she didn't even know her new teammate! And who is the new teammate CARA MARIA! BLAH!! This girl is useless! She is dramatic and isn't so great at the challenges, if it was not for Laurell she never would have gotten to the finals in Rivals I. Anyways, no one was happy to see her to say the least. This challenge was weird and awkward! There was thrusting, balls in mouths and basically 69 positions. This being said Wes would not do this challenge and since it is a female elimination day there is no reason for him to do it. Preston after the first part of the challenge was complete refused to complete the rest challenge too. Zack and Trey won the challenge of the guys and Emily and Paula took it for the girls. Same winners as last week. Anastasia and Jessica ended up being last and where sent straight into the jungle. Cooke and Cara Maria were sent into the jungle by the guys. Also, because Wes and Preston would not complete the challenge they will have a disadvantage at the next challenge which is a guys' elimination. Good job Wes! CT was kind of pissed when he found this out.

During the jungle Anastasia near fainted and almost had to quit but TJ told her to buck up and get it done. Well, they couldn't get it done and Anastasia and Jessica were sent packing. I think the others were kinda bummed Cara Maria was still there. BEST moment of the night was when Jessica and Anastasia got the boot and TJ said I guess that what happens when you don't eat and just smoke cigarettes! LOL I love TJ! He will say anything.

So, there you have my recap and slight review. Since it is just getting started I don't have much to say yet but you know I will because there are some people on the show I cannot stand (trishelle, wes, johnny, paula) and some I love (CT). I hope you like that I'm doing these! Have a great night folks and we will talk soon! 



  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one obsessed with MTV Challenges!!! Definitely agree Zack is the only one who would ever have a chance beating CT. I'm still overwhelmed my all the "new" people, I'm all about the old school...like CT ;)

    1. You're totally not the only one! Yes only Zack would have a chance of beating CT the rest of the guys shouldn't even think they could hahaha I know I miss the old school guys! I miss Kenny, Brad, Mike the Miz, Tyler etc


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