I heart Summer Tag! from Ingrid!

16 July 2013
Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope you all had a good Monday. Today, I decided to do the I heart Summer tag! If you watch YouTube videos you know Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi. She came up with the I heart Spring Tag and did the I heart Summer tag recently. After I saw it I decided why not just throw it as a blog post! So, here are my answers to the I heart Summer tag! You can find Ingrid's YouTube channel here!

The Questions:

1. Favorite bronzer for summer? My favorite bronzer is Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow...it is perfect bronze for me, I like the color it gives you. If you're really pale you might not like this bronzer. 

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favorite summer drink) light rum and lemonade, makes me think of Dominican and the beach :)

3. Favorite summer lip product? EOS lip balm in Sweet mint! Love it for keeping my lips soft. 

4. Pool or Beach? Both! I love laying by the pool or at the beach :)

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must-have styling product? Not really a product but hair ties! So you can throw your hair up in a messy bun and still look fashionable.

6. Sun bathing or fake tan? Both, sorry I'm outside too much in the summer not to tan! Just remember your sun screen folks!

7. Favorite summer nail polish? I have been LOVING Selena by Selena Gomez for Nicole OPI. I think it is the perfect peach shade!

8. Any summer traditions? Family BBQs, drive in dates, girls dinner at Saltwater, PEI Wilson kids trip.

9. Favorite summer scent? Sunscreen! haha 

10. Favorite BBQ food? I'm going with Ingrid on this one and I'm gonna say meats!

11. What's your favorite summer-proof product? Again, going with Ingrid and I'm going with Urban Decay's De slick setting spray! It is great!

12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip! I have already been on one summer trip to PEI with my sister Erica and our friend Katie to see a concert featuring Serena Ryder but we plan on going over again for the day because we have a tradition of the Wilson kids going over! So, myself and my siblings have to go over! Other than that I'm doing more staycations this summer because it is that kind of summer :)

And lets not forget it is Tuesday Tunes!

Today I'm going with Brave by Sara Bareilles because she is amazing and I love her! Enjoy! PS her new album is out today and you should get it!


  1. Isn't summer the greatest? Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Summer is the best! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Great song and Sara is awesome for sure! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and linking up with Tueday Tunes. Summer is great if only it wasnt so hot in Texas. We're getting rain this week so its bearable. I may have to borrow your idea from Ingrid.

    1. Sara is amazing! Her new album is magic! Yes always it can be too hot but I love it haha I hope it is bearable for you this week. Borrow away hun!

  3. Hi, followed you from Holli's Tuesday Tunes. Hope you will link up with me. How do you link up with the Summer Tag from Ingrid. Do you have a link? Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you will check out mine.

    1. Hi Mary, Ingrid is a YouTuber and I left her link near the top of my post :) She has a video called I heart summer tag and that is where you can find the questions for this tag. It isn't your normal link up like Tuesday Tunes but always fun to do :)

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. You always find really catchy, like-right-away tunes! This is a good 'un!

    ps.........I feel a right old moaner (from my post on my other blog!) after reading your Summer Tag Q's!! But I can enjoy the summer feel from music!

  5. The Selena polish is a very pretty color! I have picked it up a few times and almost bought it, but ended up going with something else. I agree with you that UD De-Slick is a must have during the Summer! :)


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