This Weekend I...Weekend Update

08 July 2013

Hey My lovelies! Sorry I was such a slack blogger last week but I just wasn't feeling it and I was busy with other things! Also, it was too hot to be inside last week! We had a bit of a heat wave and I was in the pool most of the time!

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I wish I had more to talk about but honestly I laid by the pool all weekend because it was too hot not to! It was like 40*C all weekend. I love me some heat but it was muggy and we all know I hate it when it is muggy! But since I was able to lay by the pool all weekend can't really complain! On Friday night I did go to dinner with my family at Hebels and it was delicious as always! Saturday, was another pool day and we had some family over! We ended the night with a lovely BBQ too! BBQ is one of my favorite things about summer! My cousin Ashdenne made a greek salad and man I love greek salad so freakin good!! She made a watermelon salad with mint and feta cheese but I don't like watermelon so I didn't have any of it but the ones that did try it liked it a lot :) Sunday was yet another spend the day in the pool because of heat. Family visited again and it was good day. Myself and Erica went to dinner at Salt Water Cafe for the first time this season and it was as good as always. Once we got back from dinner we headed to our aunt's house because she got a new puppy! Belle is a black lab and she is adorable!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great Monday even though Mondays never seem to be great :) xoxo

Happy Monday! Stay Classy Bloggers!


  1. My weekend involved a lot of pool time too. Glad I live so close to my parents!

    1. It would have been brutal this weekend if you couldn't be at the pool or the beach!

  2. Laying by the pool sounds like a fantastic way to spend your weekend! That anchorman mug is awesome. :)

    1. It was a great weekend for sure! Laying by the pool is never a bad thing :)

      Thanks for dropping by :)


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