Weekend Shenanigans! (day late oops!)

30 July 2013

Monday....or Tuesday means another Weekend Update! This weekend was pretty good, no complaints from me! 

Friday, was chill just hung out and blogged about Rivals! I hope next week is better. I don't know I think I miss more of the vets because I don't really know the rookies. It was also hella muggy on Friday! Really wish I had AC during days like that! Saturday, weather not as muggy YAY! but overcast for the day which isn't great but at least it wasn't raining. I went to lunch with my friends Andrea and Lydia plus Andrea's little boy Riley. He is just too cute. Lydia was home from Toronto to shoot a wedding so it was nice to be able to see her even though it was just for lunch. Normally, she is here and gone! 

Sunday was a lazy day because the weather wasn't great and I had a few things to get ready for Monday. I ran and did some errands before dinner since me and Erica deiced to try the new place in Pictou which was quite yummy. I'm looking forward to going again sometime. I got their wings and they were delish! Erica got the buffalo chicken sandwich and she said it was quite good too. After that we got some ice cream and then headed down to our uncle's cottage to see some of our family that was home from Ontario. We had nice visit with them before we headed home. I had to get my clothes ready and everything because I was heading to Halifax in the morning for a wedding! Yes, a Monday wedding! 

On Monday moring my friend Andrea picked me up and we were off to Halifax to see one of our friends get hitched! We had only learned two weeks before that she was getting married but it was a lovely wedding. Also, I got to get some candles at Bath and Body Works. I have been wanting the London Calling candle for awhile now and I finally was able to get it and I actually got two because they were on sale! I'm going to Halifax on Saturday for another wedding and now my momma wants me to get her one too. Smells just like tea and lemon! Now onto some pictures!

Me and the Beautiful bride!

Me and the Handsome groom!
Have to say he had this grin on the whole day! So sweet!


The newlyweds

Some of my favorite ladies!


  1. That dress you have on is super cute! Glad you had a nice weekend. :)


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