What's Happ"Pinning" Wednesday!

19 October 2016
Since I started this week with crafts I decided to stay on that trend for today's post because I want to let you in on a little secret...I love wreaths! If you're on following me on Pinterest you would know this because I have a number of them pinned! I wish I could make all of them but that would be excessive because I wouldn't have the room to display most of them and really I would be making wreaths all the time. I have gifted wreaths and I'm thinking of doing that again this year for Christmas so if you're lucky and know me personally you might be getting a nice little wreath for Christmas. This is if I get my butt together and actually make them! Oh Pinterest you wonderful waste of time but you really lack getting me actually motivated to make things sometimes.
Some of my favorite wreaths are the yarn ones! I have made a few of these and they always just turn out so pretty I don't know how one couldn't love them.

No Pinterest fails there! There are endless combinations of things you can do with the yarn wreaths. I have only done fall and Christmas wreaths so far but I love them so much! Yes, I know I'm a tad crazy over wreaths but there is a lot more stuff I could be crazy over right that is a lot worse. Anyways, I hope these two post have gotten some you in a crafty mood! If it has let me see what you have been crafting! I have to get back to my Christmas cards soon otherwise no one is getting one this year!
Happy Crafting!
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  1. I love yard wreaths too but have never made one myself!

  2. Those wreaths look like something I can actually make! ;) You have the prettiest eyes too girl!

  3. Oh I love all of these wreaths! So pretty!

  4. I love the wreaths. They look pretty easy. I can't wait to make one!!!


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