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05 October 2016
I by no means would consider myself an avid reader. Do I enjoy reading? Yes! Do I read often....not really! By saying that when I find a good book I can sit down and read it in a day if I have the time but normally books take me awhile to read. Now I probably have you wondering why I'm giving book recommendations. Well, since I do not read as often as some when I come across good books I like to pass along the good times. So here are three recommendations from an occasional reader. Click on the titles to bring you to their summary! Remember recommendations not reviews :)

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

I HIGHLY recommend this novel. I recommend this novel so much that even if you have seen the movie I think you should read the book. I love how this is written and the twists and turns. No, the ending may not turn out how you wanted it but it is perfect! If you enjoy a book that will totally consume you and annoy you I think this could be the one for you. Read this in maybe 2 or 3 days!

Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins

This novel has a lot of hype behind it because of the movie coming out. Is it worth the hype? Nope! This is a good book but it isn't what they hype it up to be which is Gone Girl. Yes there is a some twists but in the end it is kind of predictable once you reach a certain spot in the book. I wanted to like this book more but I didn't. Now saying that I would still say read it! It is pretty well written and a decent story. I'm hoping the movie is a tad better (hello Luke Evans! hottie!)

The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad

I won't lie it might take you a bit to get into this book but once you're in you're going to like it! The end is going to make you annoy you but in a good way I promise! I want this to be made into a movie right now and I want Ben Affleck to play Rath! If you have read this or if you do please let me know if you agree! This is well written and just a good read. It did take me the longest to read this one but well worth it.

What are you reading right now? Since my last few books have been on the dark side I'm now reading Christmas on Primrose Hill by Karen Swan. I love her books, if you enjoy not super cheesy chick lit check her out.

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  1. I loved Gone Girl...I also read it in just a couple of days. I thought Girl on the Train was pretty good too, but like you said, not on par with Gone Girl for me.

    I've wanted to pick up another one of Gillian Flynn's books but the couple that I've checked out just seem too dark for my taste.

    This summer I read Big Little Lies by Lianne Moriarty (pretty good, would recommend) and Me Before You by JoJo Moyes...I devoured this one, and bawled like a baby.


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