DIY....Cork Pumpkin!

17 October 2016
I like most people have thousands of pins all ready to come alive in DIYs on their Pinterest boards but again like most only some get to live out their purpose. Now, today I have one that I actually completed and wish I could have made some more of! I'm already working it too because you need a LOT of wine corks for this project! But lets get started....

For this project, you will need 25 wine corks
                                Orange and brown paint and brush
                                glue gun and sticks
                                fabric leaves

To start you will first paint both ends of the wine corks. I did two coats just to give them better coverage because some of the corks came from red wine bottles and they were of course more stained.

Once they dry you will start by gluing them together. You will do 2 rows of 4 and two of 5 and one row of 6. Then once you have them glued together you will then glue the rows together 4 on 5 on 6 on 5 on 4

I cut one cork in half and painted the top in brown paint before gluing it to the top of my pumpkin. I then added some fabric leaves and tied some yarn on the stem.

I'm already saving corks for next fall because these are so cute and so easy to make! Just wish I had more corks! I will have to ask  some wine drinkers to save the corks for me.

Happy Crafting!

PS Check out my new layout isn't it great!? I love it! Check out the bottom of my page for the link to Lauren's site :)


  1. What a cute little craft! I especially love the addition of the little leaf - I need to start saving some corks!

  2. I love all of your craft projects. Especially this one with wine corks!


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