Fall Favorites!

13 October 2016

Favorite Candle ~ hands down it is Sweater Weather from Bath and Body Works

Favorite Lip Color ~ Strong Woman by MAC...This is a beautiful matte deep purple color, it was in the Strength Collection which was limited edition so sadly I can't link you it but believe me when I say it was amazing! I'm sure you can find a dupe for it somewhere!

Favorite Drink ~ I know most of you will say a Pumpkin Spice Latte aka PSL but I'm just not a fan I will pick my vanilla latte over that every time all day!

Favorite Blush ~ I'm still loving Amaretto by Jaclyn Hill for Becca. I love the muted rosey tone, I'm not super into blush so I have a few staples and this is one of them.

Favorite Clothing Item ~ For the fall it is sweaters! Cozy, warm, sweaters! They can be pullovers, cardigan, boyfriend style etc! I love them all!

Favorite Fall Movie ~ Hocus Pocus....Do I have to say anything else?

Favorite Fall TV Show ~ The show I'm always most excited for to come back in fall is Criminal Minds. I'm still dealing with Derek Morgan leaving but lets not open that can of worms! I have to say I'm pretty amped about the fact Prentiss will be back for more then one episode in the upcoming season.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food ~ Turkey! Oh and my mom's butterscotch pie! To die for!

Favorite Halloween Costume ~
I think I was a witch most years but when I was little, one of my mom's friends made me a Raggity Anne costume wig and all! I have to say I looked pretty cute! I do remember not liking the wig though, made my head itchy!

(sans wig because it was itchy for sure!)
Let me know what your favorite fall things are? As I have gotten older I find myself enjoying fall more and more.

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