Tag It Thursday

15 May 2014
A few days ago I was watching Fleur's latest beauty video and it was the Lip Product Addict Tag and well the first step is admitting your problem right. I love me some lip products so I figured this was the perfect tag for me to do! I tag everyone who reads this! Leave me a link if you do this tag so I can check out your answers!


1. Favourite balm/treatment? My favorite quick and easy balm/treatment is the Vaseline Lip Therapy! 

2. Best eye-catching red? My favorite red right now is Rimmel's Kate 107...I picked it up probably around this time last year on the recommendation from Zoella and I loved it! It isn't in your face bright red but it is amazing! When I go for in your face bright I normally go for pink like Candy Yum Yum by MAC

3. Best luxury & best drugstore? Gosh I don't think I have best luxury lipstick because I really haven't tried any but I LOVE Rimmel's Kate lipsticks so that would be my best drugstore.

4. Best MAC lipstick? Syrup or Girl About Town

5. The most disappointing? Color Caresse Shine Stain is the only one that comes to mind but I wasn't overly disappointed in it I just didn't like it all that much and I think it was the color more than anything else.

6. Liner - yes or no? Rarely! I always forget it!

7. Best gloss? Hmmmmm I really love MAC's glosses

8. Something extra! Just wanted to add don't forgot to scrub your lips! You can make your own scrub or Lush has some great ones! I have Mint Julip and it is my favorite. Keep your lips nice and soft :)


  1. 1) Best balm/treatment: Carmex, by far! (Although I have tried the Vaseline and I do like it as well.)
    2) Best eye catching read: My favourite is Avon's Ultra Lip Colour Crayon in the shade Reddy
    3) Best luxury & best drug store: My favourite drug store was L'Oreal's Infallible lip colour, which had a 2 step process. Not sure if they still make it or not.
    4) Best MAC lipstick: Have never used any MAC products
    5) Most disappointing: Lip stain ... can't remember what brand ... maybe Revlon?
    6) Liner - yes or no: With Avon's Ultra Lip Colour Crayon you can line with it, then fill in with it. I don't like liner being a different colour from lipstick. It just looks for phoney.
    7) Best gloss: I don't like lip gloss. It always feels to sticky & slimy.

  2. I love this tag!!



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