Internet Friends?

02 May 2014
When I was trying to figure out what to write about today I really didn't have any great ideas since I didn't really want to do another beauty post this week. Then it hit me...internet friends! i know I doesn't sounds that excited but this weekend I'm spending time with people I 'met' on the internet.

There are some people who think it is crazy to think they you can make a real friend on the internet and to be honest I kind of felt that way for a long time because you can be whoever you want to be on the internet and no one is going to call you out for it because they don't know the difference between the real you and the pretend you. For me what you get in 'real life' is the same as you get on the internet. I think the friends I have met online are the same and for the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life and I know this for sure. I realize that sometimes internet friends don't work out and I think it is easier to lose touch with internet because you can get busy with real life and then next thing you know they and/or you have moved on. I luckily have found some great people online to become friends with. I think my first internet friends came from LiveJournal and I still talk to a lot of them! Everyone knows the lovely Ms Whitney from I wore Yoga Pants, she was one of my LJ buds! My good buddy Justin I have been talking with him since like 2002, all started with LiveJournal! It is weird to think about it sometimes. Also, Faith from You Gotta Have Faith was a friend on LiveJournal and since we actually were from the same place we got to meet in person and she was great and of course still is great but she moved across the country! ;) I could list a few more of the girls I still talk to from Livejournal but they know who they are and know I love them! OH I did have a friendship going for awhile with Stephen who actually went on to win the reality show with Paris Hilton haha I think they was actually on MySpace and not LiveJournal actually but yes before he was Paris' BFF, he was one of mine online.

Mutual interests bring people on the internet together the most. So, it comes as know surprise that I have made some great friends through some of my interests such as music. Ryan Malcolm (winner of the first Canadian Idol) bought me some great friends! I don't talk to the girls I met through Ryan enough anymore but I can say they are all amazing people! Then of course Backstreet Boys bought me some of the best friends I could ask for. Even though I'm far too excited to finally meet Kevin Richardson on Sunday I'm almost equally excited to spend the day with my friends since we don't see each other as much especially this past few months as I didn't get up to Halifax as much as I normally do. It is going to be a great day all being together and bonus we finally get to be together at a Backstreet concert. Deena and Gavin lived in England so it was hard before now haha. Yup, I just can't wait. 

I have gone from being internet friends with people to real life friends. I have attended some their weddings, I'm friends with their families, I'm excited for them when they have great news like they are going to be parents and I'm sad with them when they share hard/bad news. I'm happy they are in my life no matter how they came into it.

And just to wrap it now because I could probably ramble on forever about the great internet people I have met. I just want to say friends are friends, it doesn't matter how you met them, good friends can come from anywhere and really good friends are hard to find so keep them close and be happy you found them. 

And because I have linked up with Whitney in far too long here is a song to get your weekend started! A throw back really...Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I love making friends on the internet. Some of my favorite people (including my husband) are people I've met online first. Not to mention all the times I've become closer to people I've met "in real life" through our online actions.


  2. Yay for internet friends. (Yay for Ryan Malcolm, lol.)

    1. Haha yes YAY for internet friends and Ryan Malcolm!

  3. Hey Brittany! I am a huge internet friends kinda gal. They don't judge me, they're interesting and they are really nice. That right there is good enough for me. I really do love it though, and i'm really glad that you wrote a post on it. It really is so true! :) HAGW!


  4. wohoo a BB song! Also internet friends can be great and sometimes they, being removed from your life, are more objective than real life friends.


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