So I Met the Backstreet Boys....Again

07 May 2014
A weekend update on Wednesday? Sure why not! I really meant to get this up yesterday but I was battling some major post concert blues! And lets be honest I was super tired since I didn't get much sleep on Sunday night and Monday wasn't a great day for sleep either. But anyways, on with the weekend update well more just Sunday!

On Sunday was the day I had been waiting for since like March 19th or something when the tickets went on sale for BSB. After night a restless sleep on Saturday night (yes, I was kinda excited) I got up and had to do my hair twice! Then I headed off to Halifax to finish getting ready with my friends before heading to the sound check. The friends I was with were friends I had made because of our love for Backstreet Boys and finally having all of us together to experience this was amazing. The sound check was great as always, it was always nice to be able to interact with the boys a bit before the concert and it makes me more excited for the concert. As always I had my picture taken with the boys and this year was the best one I think. They are all such sweet guys. Nick liked my shirt, finally got to meet Kevin and they all smell amazing! 

The concert was frickin' amazing! These boys know how to put on a show and the place was packed! It always normally a well sold show but on Sunday it was basically sold out! People were up in the nosebleed section all the way in the back. It was great to see this even though there was fans there who didn't know much of their new stuff but still AMAZING show. They did a good mix of their oldies and new ones. I love that they still dance and they are good! I also like that they sing and you can tell they are singing because you can hear that they are out of breath. If I wanted to listen to perfect vocals I would just listen to the album. I'm there to be entertained and the Backstreet Boys never disappoint when it comes to entertaining the crowd. I should stop rambling about how awesome the concert was because I could do it for hours and hours which would make for one long post and I have more to tell you about the night!

After the concert there was an after party. We decided to go a few days before even though the last one we went to was kind of crappy. You couldn't even really see the boys. This time they had it at the Marquee Club which isn't always open so it was just fans there and there was a stage for the boys to be on. It was a lot of fun. The boys seemed to having a great time and Nick did a great job DJ'ing. The bonus part of this night I got to get more pictures with the guys. Brian wasn't there and Nick didn't come off the stage because he was DJ'ing but I was lucky enough to get my picture with Kevin, Howie and AJ. I love these guys!

The night was amazing and I got to share it with some great people! I can't wait until I get to do it again! Hopefully sooner then last time. Since I don't have my pictures on this computer I'm just going to leave you my picture from sound check! If you want to see more feel free to let me know or add me on Facebook or Instagram :)


  1. Sorry, I've got to keep it real. I've been Team NSync since like 7th grade. I still remember the VERY PASSIONATE conversations I would have on the bus ride back home from school with my friend that was Team BSB (aka Team Nick Carter).

    Glad to hear you had a great time and got to meet the boys again.

  2. SO much fun. I wish I could have gone to the after party but the budget just wouldn't allow. (Plus there was the whole working at 8am Monday thing...) :-)

  3. Hey Brittany! That is so awesome!! You are one lucky gal! ;D XOXO



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