Beauty Wednesday: Tips and Tricks!

14 May 2014
Happy Hump Day Everyone! I have to say I don't find this week going as fast as last week and honestly that is okay with me. I think last week went so far because I was recovering from Backstreet Boys! This week I figured I would bring back Beauty Wednesday since I know a lot of you really like it! 

Since most everyone loves knowing beauty tips and tricks I decided to give you a few of mine! I'm sure some of you know them but I figured I would give my top 10 tips and tricks! 

Beauty Tricks by Brittany

1. Do your eye make-up first then it is easier to clean up any fall out or edges with your foundation

2. Hairspray your bobby pins! They won't move! They probably should make sticky bobby pins but they don't.

3. Use conditioner as your shaving cream! Not expensive stuff ladies!

4. Clear mascara to keep your eye brows in place!

5. Static hair? Run a dryer sheet over it! Or if you don't have one but you have your hand cream use just a bit in your hands then run them over your hair.

6. Want your lipstick to last all day? Put your lipstick on then put a tissue on your lips and brush on some translucent powder.

7. Avoid lipstick on your teeth by putting your finger in your mouth and then pulling it out, the excess lipstick should be on your finger instead of your teeth.

8. Have a special event coming up but the weather is going to hot and you might sweat? After your primer rub some gel anti-perspirant on the areas of your face where you might sweat!

9. Keep your perfume from fading away too it on pressure points because they give off heat and will keep releasing the fragrance of your perfume!

10. Bobby pins should be worn with the wavy side down! 

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. I discovered the last tip not too long ago and I was shocked. I've been using bobby pins wrong for years!

  2. Hey Brittany!!! I LOVE these tips! Esp. the hairspray on the bobby pins! must keep that in mind for sure! Hope you had a fabulous weekend and thanks so much for the gfc follow! :D Have a great day and talk soon! XOXO



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