ACM Awards! Fashion Recap!

08 April 2013
Last night was the ACM Awards so since I haven't been able to do a fashion recap since the Oscars I figured I may as well do one today since I did love some of the fashions I saw and of course some well did not work out as well I'm sure they wanted them too! I also will be linking you to some of the performances I loved! Carrie Underwood rocked it!! But lets not get ahead of ourselves and get back to the fashion! First up what I loved!

Best Dressed!

Carrie Underwood...I actually really loved this dress on Carrie because it is not her normal look, I love the large floral print on it! I have to say normally I wouldn't but there is just something about this dress that I love! Also, you can never fault Carrie on her flawless make up and hair! 

Jana Kramer...I love love this gold dress with Jana's coloring! It is a lot being gold but it is simple at the same time. I'm happy seeing her at the awards too because I really like her album! You should check her out if you haven't heard her before. She was on One Tree Hill too! But back on track with the fashion I love how she left everything else very simple because the dress is enough! Just some simple hair and make up and she looks like a million bucks!

Jewel...LOVE this color! So nice and springy! I also really like the shape and fit of this dress on her. She looks amazing! I love the overlay on the dress and it is just a pretty dress on a pretty girl! I love the easy hair and make up too. Who knew back in the day Jewel would grow up to be such a beauty queen! Love her!

Worst Dressed

Shania Twain...What are you wearing!? Everything about this wrong! The boots the dress! Gross! The only thing I like is her make up! Why is there extra fabric just hanging on the sides of the dress? You're not 20 years old anymore Shania, learn to dress yourself!

Faith Hill...She is one of my favorites but I'm not sure what she was thinking this number! The slit but the front isn't flattering, and the lace just does not work! Because of the slit it almost looks like a pant of crop pants! Faith, what happened last night?

Kaley Cucoco...I have to say I don't mind this dress but her whole look is ruined by her hair! You're going to the Country Music Awards Kaley not the rock music awards! Pink would not even have wore her hair like that if she was attending! Mind you it would have looked better on Pink. But oh dear yup when I saw her on the red carpet I was like oh no Kaley!

Hope you guys liked this little recap of the fashions from last night! If you watched who were your favorites and misses? Anyways I'm going to leave you with 3 performances from last night that I loved :) Thanks for dropping by!


Sure Be Cool if You Did - Blake Shelton

Highway Don't Care - Tim McGraw

Two Black Cadillacs - Carrie Underwood 

All images from Google and videos from YouTube


  1. The first thing I said when Kaley walked on stage was..."What the heck is wrong with her hair?" It looked awful! I normally love her but I was completely distracted by that terrible hairdo the entire time.

    1. I KNOW!!! Her dress was nice but you would never notice it because of her hair!! I love her but this was a low point for her haha

  2. Jewel is breathtaking. Love her she is gorgeous. I think if anyone else had worn the dress Jana is in I would have hated it, but home girl is rocking it.

    1. I know not everyone could have pulled off that dress but Jana looked amazing in it! :)

  3. I *loved* Carrie's look. Of course in my book, the girl can do no wrong :-p

    Shania, girlfriend, WHAT were you thinking?!

    1. Honestly I don't think Carrie can really do any wrong in my book either!

      I don't think Shania looked in a mirror before she left for the awards! ;)


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