29 April 2013
I have been trying to post all day but I honestly kept getting sidetracked! I spent much of day cleaning out all my clothes! I have two HUGE bags of clothes for donation and one bag of shoes! I still have way too many clothes and I still have to get out my summer stuff but it feels good to have gone through everything and know what I have I actually like and wear! Plus I think we might be heading to Boston in June so gotta make room for some new clothes! 

Anyways, I guess I should tell you about my weekend since that is the point of this post! On Saturday, I went to lunch with Erica and then hit up Wal-mart for some make up browsing! I watch EmilyNoel on Youtube a lot and she is always talking about Wet and Wild which is never a brand I look at because I feel like it is the cheap kid stuff! But I bought one of their eye liners because it was like $2 so if I hate it, it was only $2! I actually haven't tried it yet because I was lazy yesterday and today with my make-up! But I will let you know what I think of it! Saturday was a pretty chill day because it was kinda chilly and cloudy so we really just hung out and watched it most of the day! Oh I did a BUNCH of laundry on Saturday too! Always nice to get that stuff done.

Sunday was a great day! Nice and sunny! I love that it is finally starting to be spring! It is only almost May! But from the looks of the weather forecast we are moving nicely into spring now! I opened all my windows and emptied my closet out onto my bed! I didn't think it was going to take me two days but with my closet and dresser there was A LOT to go through! And I have to admit I took quite a few breaks to go and sit outside haha That may have caused the organizing to go awry on Sunday but today fixed that up! All done just have to drop the bags off for collection! :)

Kind of a boring weekend but it was nice for me, my brother is home from university for the summer now so it is nice to see him again. He has a girlfriend now so he didn't visit home as much this last semster so I didn't get to see him as often. Oh and the parents are home from Dominican! They are so nice and tanned! They had a great time which is great! I'm still jealous I didn't get to go away this year! Whatever I'm going away somewhere next year for sure! I will go alone if I have too! Well not really because that would be a really boring vacation! 

Okay I'm done rambling now! Hope you're all have a great Monday and have an amazing week! Love you all!


PS Is it totally bad I want to listen to Christmas music right now? lol No I'm really not kidding!!

Linking up With a new link up this week! And of course with Sami! Check out their blogs because they are amazing! Time for bed now! xoxo


  1. i totally feel taht way that sometimes its so hard to post and get things done online! way to go!

  2. It is so hard sometimes! Happy I was very productive though! Thanks :)

  3. I don't know if you guys have N.Y.C. brand makeup at your Walmart in Canada, but I've been using their liquid eyeliner for years - it is awesome! And only $1.50!


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