#BackthatazzUp Friday!

05 April 2013
Why Hello My Little Coffee Breakers! It is Friday!! Friday is always a good day no matter what isn't it? I was a little slack this week with my blogging but I was busy doing other things and it is my sister's birthday so I had other things on my mind! I have stuff planned for next week though so hopefully it all comes together like I want it too :)

But onto the important stuff! Dance Party Friday! I have narrowed my songs down to two this week, because I can't just pick one this week! Mainly because Ms Carrie Underwood was on Idol last night and I have been listening to her a lot this week! So, I figured I had to mention her today and I'm dedicating my second song today to the lovely hostess of this link up Whitney!

I hope everyone has a good Friday and has a great weekend planned! Mine is pretty chill but I'm looking forward to that :) Happy Weekend Everyone!



  1. I know that YOU KNOW that you made my heart smile big time by dedicating MILEY TO ME!!!! :D

    1. Really who else would I dedicate Miley too! :)


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