Weekend Update!

22 April 2013

And it is Monday again! Sometimes it doesn't even seem like we have a weekend even though we had a good one! Feels like yesterday was Friday to me today for some reason even though I had a good weekend! I hope everyone else had a good weekend too :)

On Friday at about 2:30am I got up and took my parents to the airport with my sister! They are off sunning themselves in Dominican having a great time! Yes, I'm totally jealous but at least the weather has been pretty nice since they left so I'm not as jealous as I would be if it was lets say snowing! Anyways, needless to say I was pretty tired for the rest of the day! But, after Erica was done work we decided to take a quick drive to Truro to hit up a couple stores we don't have here and to have dinner at Frank and Gino's. We had a lovely dinner and I meant to take picture but I forgot. Also, I meant to upload my pictures to computer that I took this weekend but I didn't so check out of the side bar to see my instagram pictures because those are basically all I took since I forgot to even really take any! haha Not my best documenting weekend! But yes dinner was delish, I had ribs and a baked potato (which they could have cooked a couple more minutes) but the ribs were delish! I would totally get them again! I'm a sucker for anything BBQ! Once we got back home we basically crashed because we were both tired from our lovely airport run! I'm so happy they land in the afternoon on Friday! haha

On Saturday, it was cloudy and rainy so that turned into a lazy day! And ended with an excellent dinner at Piper's Landing! Last minute idea since we didn't feel like cooking! We also hadn't been to Piper's in quite awhile since normally when we decide to go out to a nice dinner to head to Hebel's which is pretty much the best place to eat in our area, so amazing! But, Piper's is a close second for sure. I had the stuffed mushrooms caps and a lovely seafood pasta which I swear there was more seafood then pasta in the bowl! Makes me hungry just thinking about it or maybe it is because it is lunch time and I haven't eaten yet! Anyways, it was lovely evening spent with my very lovely sister again! When we got home we watched the movie Wonderlust which was pretty funny! I love Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd! Had to mention to Erica that it felt like they were cheating on Ross and Phoebe though!

Sunday, I was much more productive! I did all my housework and laundry! Love starting the week out that way! Also, made a great chicken dinner! All in all it was nice weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend too :) 

Have a great week lovelies! 


  1. Saturday was my lazy day too. Unfortunately my Sunday was not as productive...more of a continuation of the lazy! :p

    1. Sometimes a lazy weekend is the best kind of weekend :)


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