The Best and the Worst: Grammy Time!

11 February 2013
Last night was the night of music! I have to say for the past couple of years I haven't even really watched the Grammys because I rarely think the people who win deserved to win! But last night myself and my sister settled in to watch the whole show! I have to say I'm glad I did because it was a pretty great show last night! The performances for the most part were amazing! Taylor Swift's performance was just weird, you're not a dancer so walking around the stage like that was dumb! Mumford and Sons was AMAZING as I knew they would be! And the tribute performances were damn fantastic!!! But really we only care about what everyone wore because there was new rules about how you had to keep yourself covered! I think these rules were helpful to some of the ladies because they came looking much nicer then they normally would! Anyways here are my best and worst dressed of the night!

Best Dressed....

Jennifer Lopez: I know some people may not like this number but I really do for some reason! I love the black and I love how her hair is something I would wear at the gym but she pulls it off at the Grammys! She is probably the best looking person on the planet!

Rihanna: I normally never like what she is wearing but hot damn the girl looked AMAZING last night! The hair the make up the dress! Everything was on point! Kudos for looking so amazing Rihanna! I feel like she did this to take away from who she was there with!

Beyonce: Girl, damn you look fine! I honestly thought Beyonce would come in a glamorous dress but BAM she flips it all around on me and comes in a hot pant suit! Really she could probably wear a paper bag and make it look good!

Worst Dressed...

Florence and the Machine: Okay I know you're a redhead and green goes with your skin tone and hair but lord love me this is just too shiny and tight! What are going on with the weird spikes?? I have nothing to say but this is bad!

Carly Rae: When you are that pale wearing your hair this dark and with a black dress will do nothing for you love! Color is your friend, it is the Grammys not a funeral Carly! And there was something about your make up that just isn't working!

Katy Perry: I know a lot of people liked her dress but I'm not one of them! Okay you have nice boobs Katy but I don't need to see them! Leave them for John. I just don't like this dress with the flowers and it is being so skin tight. Then again I rarely like what Katy Perry wears!

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There you go! My picks for best and worst dressed at the Grammys! I'm so excited that my next best and worst is going to the Oscars! Also everyone have you been noticing how Ben Affleck is cleaning up at all the award shows!? Argo F*ck Yourself Oscars!

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