Oscar Fashions! (LONG post)

26 February 2013
I know I'm a day late with the Oscar Fashion post but honestly yesterday I didn't have time to post anything much less a good post about the Oscars! Did everyone watch? I watched all the red carpet on E! and then stayed up for the last award! I don't think I have done that since Matt Damon and Ben Affleck won their Oscar! I always watch the Oscars but normally head to bed before it is over. Yes, I know my bad! But this year since I have been more into the awards this year because I want to see Ben Affleck win everything he can! I had to stay up to see Argo win for Best Picture! So excited it did! And thank you to Ben for thanking Canada :) His speech was adorable when he was thanking Jennifer! And it was such an honest speech because you could tell how excited he was! Yup, still have that crush on him. 

But lets move on to what really matters the Fashions! I have to say everyone well almost everyone really stepped it up for the Oscars this year because I had a very hard time coming up with my lists so I'm going to be doing something a little different! I'm giving you my top fashion picks for the women and the men. I will mention right now that I though Kristen Stewart looked awful! Hello Kristen wash your hair before you go to the Oscars! She is just gross to me LOL Sorry for any of you who like her but she is bugs me and she needs to wash her hair! Now, onto my top Fashion Ladies!

1. Charlize Theron - She is the probably the best looking woman in the world. This dress is perfection on her. The white just pops on her tan skin and the shape is to die for. Also, how amazingly beautiful do you have to be to carry off this hair cut? Yes, that beautiful and Charlize does it without any effort. Amazing! I can't say enough about her and this fashion choice.

2. Jessica Chastain - This copper gown looked amazing on her. This is my favorite of her award gowns this season. Her hair was perfectly polished and that red lip just topped off the look perfectly. Her gown was fitted to a tee and she just looked amazing!

3. Samantha Barks - I love the simple elegance of this dress, I know the neckline is you know a tad low but think Samantha looks smashing in it. The only thing I would change is her necklace, I would change it out for some statement bangles maybe. Make up and hair perfect, loved this look!

4. Jennifer Lawerence - This gown was amazing and Jennifer wore it very well! I loved how it was white but didn't read bridal! There is a very fine line there and lucky she was on the right side of it! I loved her hair and make up! I think one of my favorite things those was her wearing her necklace down her back. I love how it sparkled and just looked really nice. I love this girl and how down to earth she is! How can you not love her when she fell going to get her Oscar and then brushes it off with a joke!? She looked amazing!

5. Jennifer Hudson - Stunner! I loved her sparkly blue dress! I think her hair looked amazing with the dress because she didn't try to do too much with it! Her dress had it all going on then she just had simple make up with simple hair! What a beauty!

6. Amanda Seyfried - The dress is stunning on her, I would have loved to seen her in a dramatic color but this is kind of her thing this award season so we will go with it!. I loved the neckline of her and it fit her very nicely. I loved her eye make up especially, hair perfectly done as well!

7. Adelle - I think this dress looked so classic on Adelle, it as youthful classic look with a great bit of sparkle! Because we all love a bit of sparkle right? I think it was tailored perfectly on her. I loved her hair and make up but honestly I think her hair and make up are always spot on! She has great confidence and I just love her.

8. Jennifer Aniston - I'm so excited that she wore a COLOR! Jennifer is normally in black, white, or a neutral color so I was so excited to see her in this red dress! It was a nice change from her normally black form fitting dresses! I thought she looked amazing in this red color. Love her hair but maybe should have pulled it up into a side knot or something but never the less she looked fantastic!

And now I'm not going to be a worst dressed because I didn't think there was anyone who really dropped the ball this year. Yes there was some that could have been much better Anne Hathway, Salma Hayak, Nicole Kidman but all in all I think the Oscars were one of the best dressed events of the award season. I will leave you with the men who I thought looked smashing! 

Bradley Cooper! Could have used less hair gel but he always looks good!

Joseph Gordon Levitt - What a cutie!

Channing Tatum - When doesn't he look good?

Ben Affleck! Best looking man in the house! And Jennifer Garner could have been a best dressed pick if she didn't have that ruffle down the back of her! Loved her necklace!

Hope you liked my picks! Who were you loving at the Oscars this past weekend?


  1. I love love loved Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried's dresses. Gorgeous!


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