Weekend Update!

22 October 2012
Since I didn't have any time to get something together for Project Pinterest I'm going to link up with the ladies for Weekend Update!

This weekend the family packed up and headed to Halifax for my cousin Lisa's wedding! The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was delightfully short and sweet! Even Lisa said it was great since she thought it was going to be like 20 minutes and it ended up being like 10 minutes. It was also nice because it was a night wedding and nothing started until 7pm. I love a wedding that just flows from one event to another. Ceremony to cocktails to dance! Since it was a rainy day it was also awesome that everything was in one spot! We had a great time and always great to spend time with the family! The hotel did a great job setting up everything and making sure Lisa and Nic had a wonderful wedding. I'm really glad we got to be there with Lisa and Nic for their special day!

Lovely set up for the cermony

Here comes the bride

Time for the I Dos

Amy and I

Double fisting the wine at cocktails!

Pretty decorations at the dance

The happy couple's first dance

Father Daughter Dance

Proud Grandma and Parents!

My parents!

Me and Erica

Myself and the lovely Bride!

Sunday, well lets just say Sunday was super lazy! Went to breakfast, Costo and Starbucks before heading home and then I napped for the rest of the day!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I will have something for Project Pinterest next week for sure! I already have the plans in my head for it! Happy Monday Everyone!


  1. looks like a great weekend!! Weddings are so much fun and yes double fisting wine is always a great idea! :) Your parents are so cute! Sundays like that are the BEST! hope you are having a great week so far lovely!

    1. I had a great weekend! Lazy Sundays are the best! My parents are pretty cute! I guess 35 years together does that haha :) You too hun!


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