Happy Friday!

12 October 2012
Firstly I want to thank the ever lovely Pink Lou Lou for guest blogging for me yesterday! Didn't you all love her post! I'm even more in love with fall now. I think I have mourned summer being over enough now so bring on everything fall! Thanks for making me want to go and buy a bunch of sweaters, jeans and scarves PLL! haha

Also, welcome to my new followers! Love having you here now! Thanks for dropping by from PLL's blog and liking it is enough here to follow me! I love you all already.

Now onto Friday Letters because that is what I do on Fridays!

Dear PinkLouLou again thank you for posting and amazing blog post and having an amazing blog that got me back into blogging and actually loving it! You're awesome!

Dear Fall, you're really here now because it is freaking cold today! I have broken out the fleece pj pants! But it is okay because I got to wear a super cute scarf today :)

Dear Ben Affleck, I have recently developed a new crush on you. I normally was all about your best friend Matt Damon but holy you have become the hot one now. Is it weird I had this revelation when I saw Argo's trailer for the first time. The shaggy look isn't your best look but hmm you're pretty hot. Watched Anderson today and confirmed my crush! Thank You for being hot Ben Affleck!

Dear Property Brothers, thank you for being on TV right now so I don't watch Criminal Minds all night! Now I will only watch it most of the night. Also, Jonathan, you're the hotter twin brother because you're the handyman, makes you hotter sorry Drew.

Dear Fall Rainy Night, please bugger off by tomorrow because I don't like you! :)



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    1. I always liked him but hot damn he came into himself haha


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