The Fact Is...

02 October 2012

I decided to link up with Nicholl today over at The Chiffon Diary because I have some writer's blog on what I want to write about today! I have some ideas but anything is really coming yet so hopefully later today we will get something going but for now we have The Fact Is Link Up!

This Fact Is....

I'm totally listening to Blake Shelton's Christmas album right now and loving life!
I don't want to do any laundry or housework today but will I? Yes
I'm totally excited for all the Holidays coming up! Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas!
I need to drink my coffee faster because it is getting cold and I hate cold coffee!
I'm loving that Criminal Minds is on Tuesday! Don't have to wait for it on CBS on Wednesday! Thank you CTV! 
I'm gonna go and browse Pinterest once I have changed the laundry!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. How can you not love the holiday really!? Thanks for dropping by!

  2. so totally stalking you from PLL's blog - I noticed you said you loved akylar austin too - I loved him in spring awakening too - that show is one of my favorite shows EVER!!! I was just listening to the soundtrack last night. anyone who loves SA is awesome in my eyes so now following your blog :) I love your blog design too! keep in touch! xoxo
    - Pam

    1. YAY for blog stalking! I LOVE Skylar Astin! And Spring Awakening will forever be one of my favorite Broadway shows! It was the first real Broadway show I saw in NYC! Totally coming to follow you now because we are SA besties! xo


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