It's Okay Thursday!

18 October 2012
Hey lovely readers! I don't really have anything to talk about today but I figure since I didn't blog yesterday I should throw something up today! I'm going to link up with Neely and Amber since I haven't in a long time and get down with my It's OKay Thursday!

-that I had deep fried pickles today! They were delish
-that I still haven't figured out what to wear to my cousin's wedding on Saturday
-that I'm watching Criminal Minds for the 3rd time today.
-that I love me some Ben Affleck
-that I'm mad at LA Reid for not taking Daryl Black
-that I'm probably going to start my Christmas cards this weekend once I'm home from the wedding on Sunday
-that I'm openly listening to Christmas music now
-that I like Twitter more than Facebook

And all of that is totally okay! 

Oh My Blogging Friends my friend Allana over at A Husband and A Dog is looking for a couple more guest bloggers when she is away! Please check out this post if you are interested in helping her out!


  1. A. What are you clothing options for the wedding?
    B. I could watch Criminal Minds 24/7.
    C. I host a holiday card writing party with a potluck dinner - wanna come? LOL

    1. A. I'm going between 2 dresses it is a night wedding so I could go more dressy but I'm thinking just my little black dress, navy tights and black high heels
      B. I could too! I love love love it! Especially because of Reid and Morgan!
      C. I was closer I would be all over that!

      Thanks so much!

  2. oh and p.s. i grabbed your button for my blog.

  3. I am starting to think about Christmas cards and Christmas music too! It's my favorite holiday! I just can't help myself!



    1. My favorite too! Just puts me in a better mood :)

  4. Oh I've been looking at Christmas Cards can't wait to take pictures for them!!

    Also excited for music!

    1. Listening to Blake Shelton's Christmas right now LOL


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