08 February 2012

As you know Pinterest is one of my addictions and I love crafting so mix them together and BAM you have a very happy Brittany! I made this wreath back in September but I thought I would share it now with everyone!

You will need: yarn and a lot if you want to wrap your wreath a few times
                          Foam wreath
                          Hot glue gun
                          Fake flowers

You will begin by gluing down your yarn, which I cut a super long piece because it was easier to handle since I didn’t feel like making the roll into a ball. Now I made my first wrap very neat and tight and even the second layer was pretty neat but the 3rd and 4th roll were much more just lets get the wreath form covered and I didn’t want it to look too perfect. Once it was covered the way I liked it I braided a loop of yarn to be the ‘hook’ and I added on some fake flowers and leaves. Here are some pictures! It is very pretty and just a lovely craft to make but I most warn you if you’re not in a crafting mood this one would take you awhile to finish. I suggest watching your TV show when wrapping your yarn! J Happy crafting!

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