06 February 2012

Super Bowl Sunday! Yeah I’m not that amped on football either! But always a fan of the half time shows! My favorite is still Britney Spears! Madonna did decent last night though! The visual projections were insane and I found out they were done by a Canadian company! Go CANADA! Anyways, I have been wanting to make some snacks I found on Pinterest so what better excuse then the Super Bowl! I was super nervous about one of my recipes because even my mother doesn’t deal with the scary dry active yeast! Yes, I was making soft pretzel bites so basically I was making mini loaves of bread! As a novice in the kitchen this was a lot for me to take on! I’m becoming more and more fearless in the kitchen so I decided to do it even though I was totally scared of ruining it! It is the yeast that scares me! It has to foam or you have basically ruined everything before it you get started.  So I near gave myself a heart attack making these tots of goodness! But in the end they are totally worth it and so delish!! Warm out of the oven so good! Add some cheese sauce and damn it is like you got them from a real pretzel maker! Which I now consider myself!! Check them out!!

After making the pretzel tots I decided it would be easy snacks for the rest of the day! Dips! Because you cannot have the Super Bowl without having chips and dip! Like come on even I know that and I don’t do football! I made Loaded Baked Potato Dip and Cookie Dough Dip! Both easy and SUPER yummy(get it Super yummy Super Bowl) ! I would suggest halving the Cookie Dough Dip if you’re not making it for a bunch of people because it makes a lot! Sadly I’m sure I will be throwing some of it away because I didn’t think it was going to make that much! Actually both dips could be divided! I did half the Potato dip (which would be amazing on a baked potato) because it was going to be make 4 cups and there was only 5 of us here so yeah no need for that much dip! And here they are!

Hope you had a great weekend! I have blogs planned for everyday this week so finger crossed it happens!! Xo

PS Download Risk by Paul Brant amazing song!


  1. So good you will love all of it!!! Love you too xo

  2. Yummy! Those look delicious... Can you box some up and send them to Edinburgh? XO


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