05 February 2012

Last Monday I was in charge of dinner because I really wanted to try this pulled pork recipe! Why you ask? Because there is only THREE ingredients!! I was thinking how can there be only three! This doesn’t even make sense to me! I know I love me some easy recipes but this seemed beyond easy as it was a slow cooker meal with three ingredients! But it seemed like it should be quite tasty so I figured why not and gave it a shot! Here is all you need to know, slow cooker on low, place in pork tenderloin, pour can of root beer over pork, cook for 6 hours! Take out pork and discard liquid in cooker, pull apart pork and place back in slow cooker,  add almost a bottle of BBQ sauce and keep warm! It was pretty darn delish! We had it on toasted hamburger buns with coleslaw! Yummy in my tummy! Here is a picture of the pulled pork! I meant to take a picture of the meal but I forgot! Oops My bad!!

Side note for anyone who saw that I was making homemade fruit roll ups yesterday I just wanted to let you know they didn’t turn out how I thought they should so I’m going to attempt it again another time! I can’t say why it they didn’t turn they just didn’t maybe too long in the oven I don’t know! Anyways let just not talk about this fail in the kitchen!

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