Random Tuesday Post!

29 July 2014
Yesterday I had every intention of blogging but my internet had other ideas! Every time I went to come and blog my internet decided it was good time to cut out so I'm crossing my fingers this will actually get posted today.

I don't have much to say today because I'm in bit of a blogging funk mainly because I keep wanting to do some beauty posts but it has been soooo muggy I can't do my make up the way I want it because it melting off me before I can finish it! I really wish I had AC but what can you do. Hopefully tomorrow I can do something since I actually have to get ready to leave the house! It is one more sleep until Erica is finally home! YAY!! This is by far the longest I have gone not seeing her and not really talking to her that much because of the time change and well she has been on the go! She text me yesterday saying I just saw Wicked without you...what is wrong with the world? We have seen Wicked together like 4 times! So it made us both sad we weren't together. I can't wait to see her and hear all her stories from her travels. 

Well this is kind of a useless blog post. I really wish I had more to say or something more interesting then this but alas I don't so we will end it here for today and I will talk to you again on Wednesday or Thursday :)


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  1. You need to post some make up stuff lady! :) I have a tiny a/c in my room and I do NOT move lol


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